How it works

Unwrapped Bars is designed to be sustainable in every way. That means all our boxes are made to order, so we don't waste any food.

Our orders open at the start of the month for end of the month delivery, or you can subscribe for a box at a frequency of your choosing.

How it works - 3 simple steps

1. We ship you a box of 6 bars.

We ship you a box of 6 bars

2. Enjoy your bar (save the wrapper).

You eat and enjoy your bars

3. Post the wrappers back for refill.

You post the wrappers back, for refilling.

Subscriptions make your life, and your Unwrapped Bar refills, easy!

A box of six bars will be delivered every one, two, or three months, you send the wraps back (in a pre-stamped envelope, because we're nice like that), they get refilled with tasty goodness - and hey presto, you've just become a circular adventurer. High five! 

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