About Unwrapped Bars

What is Unwrapped Bars?

Unwrapped Bars is a refillable energy bar made with 100% reusable packaging, to fuel your adventures and keep the places we love clean. We are on a mission to end single-use packaging and create a circular economy - join us!


Why Unwrapped Bars?

Good question. There are plenty of energy bars out there with compostable or recyclable packaging. But for us, that wasn't good enough. We wanted to get rid of single-use packaging altogether and move towards a more circular economy.

Sick of seeing litter in the places we love to adventure, and inspired by the age-old idea of refillable glass milk bottles, we wondered if a similar model would work for energy bars. And after a lot of product testing with some lovely volunteers, we think we've found the answer! We want to protect the wild places we love and reduce our environmental impact - Unwrapped Bars go a small way to achieving this. 


Sounds great - tell me about the bars?

Our bars are all homemade in our kitchen in Edinburgh. They are made in small-batches each month when orders open, so we never waste any food. 

Our Oaty Original bar is gluten-free, vegan and organic. Based on the classic mountain snack - a flapjack - our bar is packed full of dates and nuts to provide the energy boost you need whether you're running up hills, shredding down hills on your bike, or reaching for an afternoon snack in the office. Made by athletes, for athletes. Delish.

Watch this space for other flavours coming soon!


Our values

At Unwrapped Bars HQ, we're trying to do things a little differently. We start from a place of environment-first. This means no comprises, no cutting corners, and, above all, no damage - to planet or people. 

We didn't want to create another Thing - the world is full of too many Things!

Taking this as a first and foremost guiding value, everything else follows. We're pretty proud to have created something which aligns with our values and, in our opinion, tastes pretty good too.

  • Protect nature
  • Support your community
  • Have fun!

Our values are also why, as Unwrapped Bars grows, we're seeking to partner with local communities and groups who are doing good things, so we can work together to make amazing things happen. Get in touch if that could be you: hello@unwrappedbars


What is the magical packaging you use?

Our wraps are made out of organic cotton, coated with beeswax. We work with Queen Bee wraps, a fellow small-business based in South Scotland, who provide us with the beeswax from their own bees. 


Is it hygienic?

When you send your lovely wrappers back to Unwrapped Bars HQ they get thoroughly washed and cleaned and you always get your own wrapper back - using an incredibly complex and AI-powered system (just kidding...the return envelopes are numbered!) so there is no risk of cross-contamination. Beeswax is also naturally anti-bacterial, another reason to love the bees!


Is it really better than recyclable, compostable or plastic wrapping?

Glad you asked. Like most things, our wraps eventually need replacing. The key difference is that they can be used many times, rather than being used once and thrown away - which even with compostable or recyclable materials is a huge waste of energy and resources.

Unwrapped also aims to generate behaviour change and get the conversation going - by designing out waste and moving away from the 'disposable' mindset, we will move towards a more sustainable culture. 


Storage information

Unwrapped Bars can be stored, unrefrigerated, for up to a month. We recommend keeping them in a handy drawer so you can grab some on your way out to the hills, but a bar has been known to survive, unscathed, in a coat pocket for many weeks and many adventures..!


Cleaning information

If you want to reuse the wraps yourself before sending them back (which we encourage), a rinse under some warm water will do the trick. If you think your wrappers need a refresh, you can also pop them into the oven on a baking sheet on low heat to allow the wax to melt. 



Created by a coeliac frustrated with the lack of gluten-free options, our bars are 100% gluten free and vegan. They are made from all natural, organic ingredients - locally sourced in Scotland where possible - and are minimally processed, leaving with you all the good stuff to fuel your adventures. Oh, and the coconut and date oil is sustainably-sourced, too.