November newsletter: COP26 and Trail Running Magazine

Hi everyone

What a month! Both for Unwrapped Bars and for the planet, November has seen some exciting and important developments. I (Lucy) have been over at COP26 and have written about some of my reflections a week after the Glasgow Climate Pact was agreed.

Unwrapped Bars was also featured in Trail Running Magazine - a very cool step for a little company! Read on to hear more. 

COP26 - the good, the bad and the confusing

That's me, talking about the role small businesses and climate-tech can play in helping to create a net-zero, circular economy. The parts of COP I took part in made me feel excited, hopeful and motivated, but the bigger picture is more complicated. Trying to get 197 countries to agree to life-changing policies is probably the hardest things humans have ever had to do, and the conferences of the parties (COP) are the best tool we have to achieve this. But they are far from perfect. 

The Glasgow Climate Pact is nowhere near what we need to cut emissions and keep warming to below 2C but it is the closest we've come to it so far, and I do feel fairly hopeful about the progress that can be achieved over the next few years. This still represents a dangerous level of warming and is a disastrous consequence for large parts of the world. We still need to do everything we can to limit climate change - every bit of emissions counts.

We won't really know whether or not COP26 was a 'success' for months, if not years, when we should start to see the impact of the agreement across society. I'm looking forward to that but, whether as a result of COP26 or not, the ball is rolling on climate action - from individuals, to businesses, to government - and I don't think it will stop. 

A lot has been written about COP26 - both positively and negatively. One of the most clear-sighted articles I've read comes from the inimitable Business Green - I would highly recommend reading it here

And if you'd like to hear more from me you can watch the panel I took part in on YouTube and listen to the 'Gender, Science & Innovation' episode of the Big Light COP26 podcast.

Unwrapped Bars in Trail Running Magazine

I spoke to the lovely folk over at TR Magazine about the inspiration behind Unwrapped Bars, what I'm hoping to achieve and my plans for the next few months. It means a lot to be featured in such a prominent magazine after only a few months of running my business, so I was pretty excited - and thanks to TR of course! 

You can pick up a copy in most shops or, for a more carbon conscious version, you can get a digital subscription. (Not sponsored: I just like TR mag!). Access it here -

Christmas is coming!

Look, I know, it's still November. But the temperatures have finally dropped here in Edinburgh and it's beginning to all feel a bit...festive. 

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