Guest blog - Peak Confidence, OMM training and sustainable adventure

In this month's guest blog we hear from Rebecca North, owner of outdoor adventure company Peak Confidence.

Rebecca supports people to build confidence and skills in the outdoors through guided courses in the beautiful Lake District. In this blog, she tells us about why she started Peak Confidence, how she tries to be sustainable in her adventures and how you can build confidence in your outdoor skills.

Find out more about Peak Confidence on their website here and sign up for training via SI entries.


I’m Rebecca, the owner of Peak Confidence. I have loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I spent most of my adult life living in London and spending the weekends driving to different national parks. That all changed a few years ago when I moved to Borrowdale in the Lake District in order to immerse myself in this environment and be with likeminded people. While here I have developed my love of running as a way to explore the fells and push myself. 

I think it's really helped my confidence being able to learn and manage myself in the environments. I know I can now go into these wild places on my own in adverse weather and I can deal with it. I can see the journey you can get from not knowing much to being confident in the mountains. I want to be able to share that and show people that it's not scary and impossible, and no-one runs up hills really and you'll never feel like you're fit enough, but that's also fine. It's just a great way see more, cover more ground and just have fun, essentially.

This is why I set up Peak Confidence - to share the skills of going into the mountains with others in a supportive and encouraging environment. I deliver courses in mountain running, navigation and rock climbing and aim to inspire and motivate others to develop the confidence and skills to be independent in the mountain environment. 

Due to the amount of time I spend camping these days, I’ve been trying to make my own food which is healthier and cheaper than the ready made ones, and comes with less packaging. (See the blog on my website for more detail.)

Unwrapped Bars are great, being healthy and coming in reusable packaging rather than more plastic wraps which either go into landfill or risk blowing out of a rucksack pocket. I’ve even used some of them for my own home made food afterwards! Spending so much time in nature and seeing how delicate the balance is really helps me appreciate the affect of humans in the environment and want to work towards minimising our footprint. 

As autumn approaches I am mostly spending my time training for the OMM, getting in some longer runs with a rucksack, and honing my navigation. I am also running some courses on 9th and 10th October in Borrowdale covering Beginners Mountain Running and Navigation for Runners and Mountain Marathons so if anyone would like some support preparing for a mountain marathon or trail race, or just want to explore some of beautiful Borrowdale, find out more information and book on SI entries using the links below.

Beginners Mountain Running

Navigation for Runners and Mountain Marathons

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